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Admission Admission Program

100% guarantee of admission to a university!
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  • This program takes approximately 12 months
  • It includes the Selection of 4 Universities according to the profile, budget and preference of the student.
  • It covers all tasks related to a student's candidacy
  • It includes all application materials, including: 
    • Formal Evaluation of the previous standard at the American standard
    • review of the file 
    • follow-up 
    • request for financial aid if applicable 
    • translation and notarization of all documents 
    • USA visa information 
    • Worldwide grades evaluation to the American standard. 
  • It is time-consuming work, requiring meticulous attention to detail and full knowledge of admissions policy for each university
  • AUAP will provide comprehensive service and support throughout the completion of the application process.
  • Bear in mind that in the USA it is customary for students to apply to several schools since admissions are competitive and refusals from one or more schools are very common.
  • Our student are accepted on average to 2.7 universities,

  • g9% being in the first 50 institutions in their fields.
  • This program guarantees undergraduate or graduate program admission to an American college or university, if the student has met minimum score requirements on the standardized tests (TOEFL & SAT, GRE, GMAT). If the student does not reach the minimum TOEFL score we will put the candidacy on hold at no cost his or her candidacy.
  • Remember that a student can retake the standardized tests multiple times and use his highest score. 
  • If a student is not admitted to one of those four institutions, AUAP will process alternative university applications free of charge, until the student is admitted.
  • If the student is not accepted AUAP will refund 80% of the fees.


  • Coaching by AUAP of the mandatory tests in your country: TOEFL, SAT I, SAT II, GRE, etc. 
  • Tests strategy and registration 
  • Scheduling of interview with university representative if applicable 
  • AUAP pays for the credential evaluations
  • Follow up of the file 
  • Step-by-step professional advice 
  • Translation and notarization of the necessary documents 
  • Ongoing relations between student and universities throughout application process 
  • Scheduling of visit to the Campus 
  • Financial aid advice and negotiation on student's behalf with the universities 
  • Consulting for the US visa procedure

Full Selection+ Guaranteed Admission Program Package Price: US $ 2500  
See also our complete price list for further reference

Frequently Asked Questions:

Guarantee:  AUAP guarantees the admission and or acceptance of the student into an American University, subject to minimal test scores. This guarantee is valid for three years after the payment of the fees. The guarantee is void if the student fails to produce the necessary documents required by the admissions office or do not follow the instructions and timing of AUAP. The guarantee covers the SELECTION and ADMISSION PROGRAM. In case of failure, AUAP will reimburse to the student 80% of the fees paid by directly to AUAP. 

Cancellation: If the student cancels for any reason its subscription. AUAP will bill  the paid  professional fees such as evaluation fees, application fees, the cost of the selection program ($350) if produced, and consulting fees  at the flat rate of US $100 per hour. We will wire within two month the balance to the student. In case of the visa guarantee (extra $ 1000) available for Chinese and Indian students only, there in no refund for cancellation by the student for any reasons.   



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