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Cost of your American Studies

  • American University Admission Program is the largest educational consultant in the world. Since 1995 More than 3, 000 students have benefited from our Selection + Guaranteed Admission programs. See our successes
  • Dr. J.N. Prade, its Chairman, published a Harvard University paper on International enrollment.
  • Undoubtedly the main problem that faces foreign students is the cost of studying in American universities. Please find our assessment based on the continuous reviewing of the various costs and the experience of the 39 directors of Admissions and Education specialists, which are members of AUAP.

A system which cost more than the European or Asian universities
  • In America, Higher education is considered mostly a private investment.
  • Higher education, even in public universities, is not free for American nationals.
  • It is a short term investment as unemployment for University graduates is very low and starting salaries are high (from $40,000 to $150,000 depending on the level of studies).
    The consequence for you is that, even with the most generous scholarships, you will need personal or family money to study in America. 
  • The 3 majors costs:
    1. Application fees
    2. Tuition costs
    3. Food and Lodging

  • American universities charge relatively high application fees: from $50 to $150 per university.
  • You should apply to a minimum of 4 universities. The AUAP Selection + Guaranteed Admission Program ($2,500) will select them according to your preferences, level, budget, etc.
  • We do not recommend that you use the application fee waiver.
  • You must pay for several mandatory tests such as: TOEFL , SAT I, SAT II, GMAT, GRE etc. They are costly as the TOEFL cost $125 and GMAT $300.
  • All documents (transcripts, letters of recommendations, essays etc.) should be translated into English and notarized.
  • Your foreign studies should be evaluated into American standard. AUAP evaluates at no charge in its Selection + Guaranteed Admission Program. The normal cost can go up to $399.
  • Communications (telephone, special urgent courier,etc.) run also very high.
We evaluate this cost, including time spent ($20/hour) to be:
US $4,450

The AUAP Selection + Guaranteed Admission program is advantageous as it is only US $2,500 and it guarantees your admission.

  • Varies among the 5,000 American universities. It slightly differs if it is for Graduate or Undergraduate studies.
From $13,000 to $30,000 per year

  • American campuses are extremely well equipped and are less expensive in comparison to the European cost of living.
  • Undergraduate rooms host 2 students while graduates students share apartments.
  • The use of the libraries, sport facilities, computer rooms, labs etc. is included.
From $8,000 to $12,000 per year

List of Most Expensive Colleges

List of Most Expensive

  • Scholarships are given by the Universities according to their budget and own criteria.
  • Scholarships for foreign students at the undergraduate level (toward a bachelor's degree) are exceptional and limited. Sport scholarships for  athletes are possible  
  • Graduate students may get a financial aid package (Scholarships + Teaching positions) that covers all the tuition fees and can pay for all the Tuition + Food + Lodging costs.
  • The AUAP Selection + Guaranteed Admission Program Program ($2,500) researches actively all kinds of financial aid available.
  • 60% of the AUAP students receive financial aid. 90% at the graduate level.
  • Only Green cards holders and US citizens can benefit from Federal loans and grants.
  • Work outside the university:  Do not count on it! It is illegal and flipping hamburger at McDonald's will never pay for a Harvard education...


A minimum of $25,000/year is necessary to study in an American Universities if you can not get a Scholarship.
  • This amount could come from:
    • Personal savings
    • The family
    • Government or financial institution in your country of origin
    • etc.

  • Despite the above American Universities attract more and more foreign students: 690,000 in 2006!

    Why? Because it is worth it!

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