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From one of AUAP students in 2006 about Job Outlook for US LL.M graduate:

"Dear Peter,
A brief e-mail to let you know that I graduated with honors from a top LLM program
I have found a very good position as a real estate associate with an European firm , were I will start working as of  September 1st of this year.

But currently, I am preparing for a US  State bar exam, which I will  take at the end of July."

What is an LL.M?  It is a very useful US Law degree, which lasts only one full calendar year and is open to top students who have obtained a Law Degree in their home countries. Admissions are increasingly competitive, as LLMs are quite mandatory these days in order to be hired and become a partner in an international Law Firm. LLM’s attract top Law students from around the world and, this year the acceptance rate at U. of Pennsylvania was 12%. Admission is very competitive and very political in the Greek sense, as there is only one mandatory test: the TOEFL (minimum 600/paper250 /computer for the top programs- 550/213 for other LL.Ms).  Admission is mostly based on grades, personality, recommendation letters and future career potential. LL.M programs are very small. The largest program admits 100+ students; many accept only 10 to 20 students per year. Success relies on the preparation of the application files.   Slovack LLM GraduateAUAP Selection + Guaranteed Admission Program ($2000) is essential as every details count.

AUAP students were accepted this year at: Columbia, Cornell, U. Pennsylvania (all Ivy league), NYU, Duke, Boston U., Georgetown, Penn State U., American Universities, LSU, Wake Forest, etc.

AUAP guarantees your Admission into an LL.M: Since 1995 AUAP through its Selection + Guaranteed Admission Program ($2500) has had more than 100 LL.M international students accepted into the best universities possible (click here). This comprehensive guarantee program includes, under the guidance of an AUAP counselor generally a Director of Admissions of a US Law School:

•    Selection of 4 ABA approved LL.M Programs according to the profile, budget and preferences of the student.
•    Payment of 4 Application fees and the TOEFL test fee.
•    Official Evaluation of your transcripts and diploma-very important (
•    Coaching and strategy preparation for the TOEFL test
•    Help in filling the applications.
•    Corrections of essays, selection and inspiration of the letters of recommendations
•    Constant personal contact with the director of admissions, promotion of your candidacy
•    Help in organizing visits and preparation of interviews
•    Research of financial aid and advice for visas and careers.

  AUAP has, so far, enjoyed a 100% success rate with students accepted into top Law schools such as University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, NYU, Fordham, Wake Forest, Washington U., American U.,  etc. (see our last successes)

To register to this program, please fill the questionnaire at:

LLM and Money:The total cost for one year of studies is between USD $16 000 to $50 000 (this includes tuition, books, lodging on campus, meals, and pocket money). Scholarships are very limited.  However, some AUAP students have gotten $10 000, for a Chinese citizen, and a 50% tuition discount for a Swiss Lawyer. LLM graduates have generally a minimum starting salary of $ 80 000/year, some of our students started with 6 figures... According to US Immigration Laws Students are allowed to work in a US Law firm for a minimum of 1 year after graduation.  
A way to pass a State Bar Exam: Many LLM programs, but not all, are qualifications for some State Bar exams. US trials lawyers try to restrict this opportunity (like in Louisiana). Our directors of admissions will select the right accredited programs to sit for a qualified Bar Exam. AUAP requires for the most important decision of your career that you subscribe 18 months to a year before the entry date. Most entries to the 95 US programs are around mid August.
To register to this program please fill out carefully the questionnaire with payment instruction at:

AUAP LL.M Rankings© 

As a service to the International Law community, AUAP establishes, since 1995,  the only LL.M rankings in the world,  with its consultants and selected International Law Firms and recruiters. This classification is based on the program quality, admissions rate, world image of the university, average starting salary and satisfaction index of international students. This classification is global and does not reflect the comparative strength of each program in a specific field of Law (such as International Civil Law, Taxation, Internet, intellectual property  etc.) .

2012 Rankings of American LL.M/Master of Law

1) Cornell University (NY)
2) University of Pennsylvania
    3) NYU (NY)
    4) Columbia University   (NY)
    5) Harvard University (MA)
    6) Fordham (NY)
    7) Boston U.  (MA)
    8) Duke University (NC)
    9) Tulane University (LA)
    10) Cardozo Law School Yeshiva University (NY)
    11) University of Chicago (IL)
    12) Yale (CT)
    13) American University  (DC)
    14) Pennsylvania State University (PA)
    15) LSU (LA)
    16) UCLA (CA)
    17) University of Southern California  (CA)
    18) Washington University (MO)
    19) University of San Diego (CA)
    20) Georgetown Universtity* (DC).

  *Georgetown University is not recommended for bar examinations as said in their own pages.

Please do not hesitate to contact our LLM specialists personally as we consider the LL.M as the best program that fits perfectly the needs of top Law International students. 

Curious? What LL.M stands for?

LL.M is latin for Legum Magister, signifying Master of Laws. In latin abbreviations, the plural form of a word is indicated by doubling the letter -- hence "LL." is short for Laws. The word legum is the possessive plural form of the latin word lex, which means "specific laws." When used in the plural, it signifies a specific body of laws, as opposed to the general collective concept embodied in the word jus, from which the word juris and our modern English word "justice" derive. In the feminine; i.e., for a female student, the expression is Legum Magistra.  (Source Georgetown U.)


See our list of LL.M successes:

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