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Mandatory Tests to Enter American Universities

Most of the time you will have to take mandatory tests to enter US universities. The AUAP Selection + Guaranteed Admission Program ($2,500) will help you by advising how to prepare and take it . Your AUAP personal counselor will elaborate a personal strategy to maximize the results. Despite what the university pages say, the tests are the most important criteria in conjunction with the quality of your previous studies:
  • TOEFL test: Mandatory for students who were not taught in English the last 4 years (some universities also require it for Indian and Pakistani students). Each university require a minimum TOEFL score. Visit our TOEFL equivalence table
  • Undergraduate Studies (toward a Bachelor degree): Few universities do not require the SAT I  test, most universities require it. The top schools also impose the SAT II test
  • Graduate Studies toward the Master and PH.D: GRE test except for MBA, where the GMAT is  mandatory

  • Your AUAP  Selection + Guaranteed Admission Program ($ 2,500): AUAP will select from 5000 accredited universities, 4 programs which best match your career goals, specialty, budget, academic level, preferences, etc. Then AUAP guarantees your admission to at least one university (subject to minimal test scores). Register
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