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AUAP 2012 TOP MBA (Master of Business and Administration)
for International students

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American Universities Admission Program, the leading organization in assisting foreign (international) students enter US universities, is pleased to offer its 2005 rankings of US MBA for international students. Since 1995 we guarantee admission into MBA to international students. This year our  students through the AUAP Selection + Guaranteed Admission Program ($2000)   have been accepted at : Columbia, Cornell, U. Penn, NYU(New York University), Duke, Yale, North Carolina, Thunderbird, Illinois, etc. To see if you qualify please fill the detailed questionnaire

This classification, made through the professional expertise of the institution's more than 35 directors of admissions, differs from traditional US MBA classifications as it is aimed specifically at international/foreign students, who wish to pursue an American MBA. It is based on:

1) World Image (determined by a panel of recruiters) 
2) Academic Reputation (through Scientific US surveys) 
3) Graduate Starting salary (as published by the Universities) 

The acceptance rates go down: 9.7% for Harvard , 7.9% for Stanford  39% for the 20th. The average GMAT test  scores are rising constantly: 711 for Columbia and MIT, 700 for Northwestern, etc.  We noticed also a drop in Scholarships due to budget constraints. More and more MBA are professional degrees for individuals that can finance it, thanks to a good & promising career start. 

Therefore,  it is unfortunately more and more difficult to be admitted  into good US MBA programs, which are so important for a career. Fortunately our organization, AUAP,  guarantees admissions into AACSB accredited MBA thanks to its network of 35 active or retired Directors of admissions "

2012 General MBA (US) rankings for International Students

*= tied

 1)    Harvard (MA)
2)    University of Pennsylvania –Wharton (PA)
3)    NYU - Stern(NY)
4)    Stanford University (CA)
5)    Cornell – Johnson (NY)
6)    NorthWestern - Kellog  (IL)
7)    Chicago (IL)
8)    Duke – Fukua (NC)
9)    Thunderbird - Garvin(AZ)
10)    University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill – Kenan Flager (NC)
11)     Penn State University- Smeal (PA)
12)     Columbia (NY)
13)    Wake Forest – Calloway (NC)
14)    Yale (CT)
15)     University of South Carolina - Moore(SC)
16)    Georgetown – McDonough (DC)
17)    University of Florida (FL)
18)    University of Illinois Champaign (IL)
19)    Basbon – Olin (MA)
20)    American University - Kogod (DC)

(Please see at the end of the page the important rankings per specialty)

2010 Rising Stars
Each year AUAP gives a Rising Star to a program that  improved or have added the most interesting features: The  2010 Rising star goes to Penn State University reflecting its constant improvement over the years



1)    University of Chicago
2)    NorthWestern University
3)    University of Pennsylvania
4)    University of Illinois Champagne
5)    U of Texas-Austin
Entrepreneurship (i.e. for entrepreneurs who want to start or develop their own companies)

1)    Babson College
2)    Stanford University
3)    Harvard University
4)    U of Pennsylvania
5)    University of Southern California


1)   New York University
2)    University of Pennsylvania
3)    Columbia University
4)    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
5)    University of Chicago


1)   Stanford  University
2)    Harvard University
3)    Northwestern University
4)    University of Pennsylvania
5)    Dartmouth College  

International Business

1)    Thunderbird Graduate School
2)    U. of South Carolina (Moore)
3)    NYU
4)    University of Pennsylvania
5)    UCLA

Management Information Systems

1)    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloane)
2)    Stanford University
3)    University of Texas/Austin
4)    University of Pennsylvania
5)    Carnegie Mellon


1)    Stanford University
2)    Northwestern University
3)    University of Pennsylvania
4)    Harvard University
5)    U. of Pennsylvania University

Non Profit Organizations

1)    Yale University
2)    NorthWestern University
3)    Stanford University
4)    Harvard University
5)    University of Pennsylvania

Quantitative analysis

1)    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)
2)    University of Chicago
3)    Duke University
4)    Purdue University/West Lafayette (Krannert) 
5)    Carnegie Mellon 

E- commerce

1)    Vanderbilt U.
2)    MIT
3)    Carnegie-Mellon
4)    U of California Berkeley
5)    U of Florida

Top Executive MBA

1)    Northwestern University
2)    University of Pennsylvania
3)    Harvard
4)    Stanford.

 AUAP offers its MBA Selection + Guaranteed Admission Program ($2 500) 

See our updated success list

The AUAP Selection + Guaranteed Admission Program is a comprehensive program that guarantees student admission (subject to minimal test scores) in at least one US university while relieving applicants from the stress of test and application fees. Four programs are selected according to the applicants profile, budget, and career goals. Certified specialists are in charge of grade evaluations (following the recommendations of the national Council for the Evaluations of Foreign Educational Credentials), translations (if necessary), essay corrections, letter of recommendations selection, test preparation strategy, marketing of the student, interview coaching, research of financial aid, sponsoring for the visa,  etc.

AUAP needs a full year to 18 months to prepare applicants for MBA entry. 
- 75% of the MBA does not require professional experience. Currently, there  are more than 1000 MBA programs available in the US


Our students have been accepted the following MBA; NYU, Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Kellogg-Northwestern, Wharton (U Penn.) Duke, North Carolina Chapel Hill, Case Western, Thunderbird, Vanderbilt, Monterey, UCLA, etc. 


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