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ELP - English Language Programs in American Universities

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What you must know about the ELP (English Language Program) :
  • AUAP, in addition to its Selection and Admission programs, offers the English Language Program (ELP) in American Universities.
  • This program provides three choices of English as a Second Language programs offered exclusively on American university campuses. These courses are taught by university faculty and utilize the method of language immersion to teach international students English.
  • These English Language courses are tailored to the student's individual level of English.
  • They may include preparation for the TOEFL and test-taking strategies that can be used for the SAT or other College Board examinations, along with conversation, American civilization and grammar.
  • Specialized courses in Medical English, Commercial English, Legal English, etc. are also available.
  • Students enjoy cultural and sports activities and visits to surrounding area as part of their stay.
  • These programs are designed for students of all levels and ages with the minimum age being 16 years old.
  • Almost 500 programs are available to choose from around the country, held year round with various session dates from four weeks long to up to one semester or more.
  • Prices range from $1500 to $6000 including meals and lodging on campus.
If you choose the ELP Program:
  • AUAP will choose among over 500 programs in the USA, the ones which suit your needs the best.
  • Our selection will take into account:
    • Your English level
    • Your date of availability
    • Your desired length of stay (from 1 month to 1 year)
    • Your geographical preferences
    • Your budget
    • Your personal preferences
  • AUAP will provide identification of three programs suited to the student's preferences, all documents necessary for application, and guaranteed admission.
  • The I-20* will be issued for programs of two months or more; shorter programs do not require visas.
  • The cost of this service is $350.
*The I-20 is the formal document a university issues to a student once they have been accepted, and this document is essential for the application of visa to the US (among other papers). Since AUAP manages the file and mail, the I-20 document is normally sent to the AUAP counselor, who then sends it by priority mail to the student.

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