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How to enter American universities? (For Foreign students)

To select and be admitted in American universities is certainly the most important decision of your life. Your career, earnings, even personal future depends on it.

You are not alone as American Universities increasingly attract foreign students:
580 000 in 2006 / 2007.
An American diploma is quite mandatory today for an international career.

Unfortunately, it is a long, difficult, complicated and uncertain process. It takes 12 to 18 months of work before the entry date. AUAP is the largest world organization of US Scholars and guarantees your admission in an American University at any level (Bachelor, Transfer, Masters, MBA, Ph.D., ELP, LLM, etc.)

Contrary to many other countries, American students and their families pay for Universities studies. Usually, American Universities are expensive. Please see our cost evaluation. Scholarships are very scarce at the Undergraduate level.  Additionally, they do not always cover all the living expenses at the Graduate level.  American studies should be considered as a short-term private investment as the starting salaries of their graduates are the highest in the world.

1) You must speak and understand well English

It is obvious because courses and papers are normally in English.  There is a mandatory test of English: The TOEFL: minimum 550; 600 for top universities paper based (see computer equivalencies) Other English tests, like the “Cambridge proficiency”, are not accepted. You do not have to pass the TOEFL test, if you have been taught in English the last four years.

What AUAP will do for you?

Our Education specialists will judge your English Proficiency by E-mail or telephone.  If it is too low, they will recommend English Language Immersion courses on American campuses.  You will be able to pass the TOEFL test in this Program. Our ELP (English Language Program) USD $350 will select, among 950 institutions, 3 English programs according to your budget, dates, availability and personal preferences. We will help you to get the Student Visa.
Subscribe here to the ELP Program.

2) Careful selection of the Universities
(Your future depends on it!)

American universities are very selective: Harvard has a 3% rate of admission for foreign students at the Undergraduate level. It is customary to apply to at least 4 universities. There are 4,094 Universities in America and 1,600 of them have Graduate Programs. It is a crucial choice.  Quite frankly, being in a totally different system, without the latest information, and so far away, you cannot accurately make this extremely important selection, which determines your entire life.

What AUAP will do  for you?

After reviewing a long questionnaire and having discussions with you, the AUAP specialist of your field of study (generally a University professor or a Director of Admissions) will select 4 universities. This Selection is based on your Academic profile, personality, career goals, budget (including need for Scholarships), personal preferences and the international image of the institutions. Sorry, to deceive you but you do not have the necessary knowledge and experience of the America System of Higher Education to correctly do this most important choice. AUAP will select the best possible universities, since your successes are our best advertisement (see our successes). Our SELECTION+ GUARANTEED ADMISSION PROGRAM will guarantee your admission.

You have the choice between two AUAP programs.

SELECTION PROGRAM ($350) It will select 4 Universities according to your profile (see above), explain the reasons of this choice, describes the universities, determine the minimum tests score to have a reasonable chance to be accepted, and will forward you brochures and application forms.
Register here please


SELECTION+GUARANTEED ADMISSION PROGRAM -- ($2500). It is a complete comprehensive program that guarantees your admission or your Money Back. It includes the above Selection Program and will complete 4 admission files and pays for all costs (see below). It guarantees your admission (subject to minimal test scores). If we fail (1%), you will be reimbursed of 80% of the AUAP fees.
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3) Fill perfectly the 4 Admission Files and respect scrupulously deadlines and requirements.

Admissions contrary to many other countries are extremely competitive. Every detail counts. Files must be completed in time. A incomplete or late file will not even be read! As the Federal government does not regulate Universities, they generally are looking for different type of students. They have different policies of admissions and requirements. They may ask also for different essays. They do not have a uniform system of foreign Diploma equivalency.  Financial aid applications have earlier deadlines and are different for each university.

What AUAP will do for you?

Our SELECTION+ GUARANTEED ADMISSION PROGRAM (USD 1350 if the student pays for the Tests and Application Fees $2000 if AUAP pays for it)  pays for all cost and guarantees your admission. Your AUAP counselor, generally a University Professor or a Director of Admission, will do the following:

Payment  (+- $300 paid by AUAP) and booking of the dates, generally in your country.
Here are the mandatory tests:

  • Undergraduate (Toward Bachelor Degree):
    • TOEFL
    • any good universities require the SAT I
    • he top ones also ask for SAT II
    • CT is recognized.
  • Graduate (Masters, Ph.D.):
    • LLM-Master of Law: TOEFL only

Your AUAP counselor will help you to prepare it, recommend programs and books, and advise you to retake it or not. (Very important call)


  • Official translations of all transcripts and requested documents.
  • Grades evaluation by experts to the American standards.
  • Notarization of all copies.
  • Educational Evaluation Report- Diploma equivalency. Very important for the students in German and Indian system of higher education.
  • Always paid by AUAP those fees cost a minimum of $350.

Paid by AUAP, if you subscribed to the $2500 option.  They average $550 for 4 universities.  As admissions are not "need blind", never choose the option "application fee waiver"

US scholars will correct your essays, and we will select the letters of recommendation. We will establish, with you, strategies of admission for each university. We will scrupulously respect the deadlines and check of the correct tests scores transmittal (Many problems there!). We will research and negotiate Academic or Sport Financial aid packages.  Your AUAP Counselor will be in personal contact with the 4 directors of admissions and will "sell your candidacy." He will prepare you for the interviews and book the campus visits if necessary. As our students are admitted in average to 2.2 universities we will advise you for this most important choice.

AUAP will be your official representative in the United States. It will save precious time if additional information is needed. AUAP will sponsor you for your Student Visa application at the US consulate.

As you see our SELECTION GUARANTEED ADMISSION PROGRAM ($ 2500 takes care of all the numerous and tedious tasks. It guarantees your admission or your money back (subject to minimal test scores). It is a "risk free" service as your admission is guaranteed. Imagine the errors, the time lost, the communication costs if you do those numerous tasks alone, far from the United States, with no real knowledge of the American system!  You would spend more money and your admission would be far from guaranteed.  To register please fill carefully the questionnaire (with payment instructions)


Is $2500 too expensive?

Not at all, as the various fees associated with admissions files (see above) tops over $1200 anyway. The AUAP counselor will spend with you an average of 50 hours. Your admission is guaranteed. In fact, you will, because of communication, save from  $150 to $ 300 dollars with this program. Not to mention that 70% of our Graduate students were awarded, thanks to the work and persuasion of our professional counselors, scholarships.  We get this year of $30 000/year scholarship for a sciences student and even two $ 10 000 scholarships for MBA students. In their cases it pays big to subscribe to our SELECTION+GUARANTEED ADMISSION PROGRAM
Please register here

Is AUAP a serious organization?

It is a 35 Scholars team that has been in business since 1995.
Please see our success list.

Our work has been mentioned in an UNESCO publication

Its president, from Harvard SICA, is recognized as one of the world top specialists in admissions and does academic lectures in universities all over the world.
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